True democracy has its roots in British politics. Although it did not always have them, because the path to civil order is seldom smooth. The Greek and Roman constitutions really only benefited the moneyed people. This is still true in the majority of countries but Britain is a shining exception.

We decided it would be interesting to trace the roots of democratic evolution in England. Where did it start? Which events almost snuffed it out, and which great heroes propelled it to where it is today. This knowledge is vital for those that dream of freedom in their own countries, and they will find it here.

Our Purpose in Writing about British Politics

We believe it is essential to curate this knowledge in a central database. First, we discuss the system, and consider how Brexit could disturb the existing balance. Then we dip into fascinating phases in its history, and interesting facts about the famous politicians whose mark remains on the world order today.

Finally, we review the effectiveness of the system overall. Is it “government of the people, by the people, for the people”, or do moneyed people still manipulate? Are people free to be themselves regardless of their race and gender? And what about their private interests. May they take a flutter at casinos and vote without fear or favour in elections.

Welcome to our Knowledge Store of British Politics

If this interests you, then welcome to our knowledge store of British politics. While it may sometimes seem like organised chaos in the stumble towards Brexit, the system works well in practice. It does so because of an overarching system of checks and balances. And the stubborn mind-set that a person’s home should be their castle.