Famous British Prime Ministers

British Prime MinistersGreat Britain is renowned for its charismatic Prime Ministers, and ever since the 18th Century, the British Isles have held a tradition of appointing into office some outstanding personalities. Prime ministers from that century who initiated this position include: Thomas Pelham Holles, Henry Pelham and Spencer Compton.

Between 1937 and 1940, the conservative politician Neville Chamberlain held the position of Prime Minister. During his time he successfully and calmly handled the foreign policy. This included surrendering the Sudetenland German speaking Czechoslovakian area to Germany, and agreeing to the 1938 Munich Agreement. He was also renowned for well delivered domestic policies. Ultimately, his post was taken over by Winston Churchill, a high profile critic of his. In 1940, when World War II was ongoing, Churchill became Prime Minister.

Winston Churchill is revered for guiding Britain into victory because of his excellent allied plan of action which involved the Soviet Union and United States. This enabled him to forge peace after the war and overcome the Axis powers. In 1951, he was re-elected. During this period he was responsible for introducing major reforms within the domestic sphere.

In 1979, Margaret Thatcher, the head of the Conservative party, became the first ever British female Prime Minister. Due to her success as PM, this continued on to 1987, when she served a second term. Ultimately, realising that some prominent MPs were conspiring against her, she stepped down in 1990, and John Major, her Chancellor, replaced her, and went on to win the 1992 General elections.

The Labour party leader, Tony Blair, served as PM from 1997 to 2007. One of the most charismatic politicians to have been at Downing Street, he was followed by Labor’s Gordon Brown, who had a shorter spell as PM from 2007 to 2010, after which David Cameron was elected to office. He was voted in as Prime Minister in 2010 , but prior to the close of his second term, due to the referendum results on Brexit and the EU, he resigned. Then in mid-2016, the former Conservative Home Secretary, Teresa May, took over as Prime Minister.

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