Tuesday, May 18, 2010
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What they say about David


"I shall be voting for you again on May 6th as a hard working, dependable man of integrity. We are fortunate to have you defending our interests. I am expecting that your record as our MP will ensure a greater majority." Mrs B, Long Sutton

"Thank you for being a good MP. I don't support the Lib Dems, but will certainly be voting for you at the General Election because you are honest and hard working, as well as being principled in other ways, e.g. the Lisbon Treaty." Mrs H

"David Heath is quite simply the best . . . . we will give, as always, David Heath our votes and prayers.  He really is A1." Mr and Mrs H, Somerton

"Who couldn't vote for a bloke who's one of us?" Mr H, Frome

“You spoke very well in Wincanton. Thank you for all you do. You have our vote.” Mr and Mrs L, Wincanton

“We wish you good luck in your election campaign. We continue to support you and have put a small poster in our barn/workshop window.” Dr and Mrs O, Radstock

"You will prevail. You have to! Westminister needs strong, principled, liberal voices, such as yours." Mr G

“Your campaign in this area already has our support.” Mr and Mrs V

“Many thanks for all your hard work over the years. Rest assured you will have my vote. Good luck, you deserve to increase your majority considerably.” Mr L, Frome

"I haven't voted for some years, however this time it could make a difference. You are assured of my vote. Good luck and all the best." Mr S

"I do not want to be represented in the new Parliament by A. Rees-Mogg, especially as we have the possibility of real change in the next parliament. I'd much prefer to be sending up to Westminster a man of solid parliamentary experience who has also shown that he is a man of Somerset as well as having a shrewd awareness of the global problems of energy and environment that will have to be faced over the years of this parliament. I feel with David Heath we will get the best of both worlds: the stability of experience and the possibility of change." Mr C, Frome


"(David Heath) has gained a reputation as a good old-fashioned parliamentarian." The Telegraph

". . . an independent-minded MP" The Guardian

". . . the former council leader is one of the most persuasive debaters in Westminster." The Times

BBC: David attacks the Cider Tax in a House of Commons debate on the Budget. Click this link to watch a video on the BBC website.

BBC Newsnight: David on bomb detectors. Click here read report on the BBC website.

"Mr Heath's Fuel Poverty Bill would cut prices for 5.4 million customers as energy firms had to introduce social tariffs charged at no more than their cheapest rate. The Bill is backed by groups including Help the Aged, Age Concern, Friends of the Earth and Unison." The People

Contact David

Office address:
14 Catherine Hill,
BA11 1BZ
Tel: 01373 300066

You can also email David by clicking here.

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