Famous British Prime Ministers

Great Britain is renowned for its charismatic Prime Ministers, and ever since the 18th Century, the

The British Voting System

Within Britain, different systems are employed to allow people to vote for mayors, devolved assemblies, members

Britain’s Place in Today’s World

One advantage the UK has is its deeply ingrained and longstanding inclusion of competition, free markets

A Brief History of British Politics

In 1603, King James I sat on the thrones of Ireland and England. For the next

Most Famous Members of Parliament in Britain: 1945 – 2010

The second half of the 20th Century was a watershed for Britain. The country had been

What is Brexit?

The word Brexit is an abbreviation of the words “Britain” and “exit”, and refers to Britain

British Politics: In Short

England boasts the world’s first parliament, and back in 1265, it held a meeting for the