Friday, October 29, 2010
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David Heath has spoken in support of government legislation to reduce the size of the House of Commons. Mr Heath, who is the Deputy Leader of the House within the Coalition Government, is responsible for the area of legislation that will lower the number of MPs in the Commons. Both Liberal Democrat and Conservative manifestos called for a reduction in the current number of MPs, of which there are presently 650. Once the Parliamentary Voting System and Constituencies Bill is passed, the House of Commons will be cut to 600 MPs.

Speaking during the debate Mr Heath criticised the claims of some MPs that the current system should be kept because “any system that elected the current Members of the House must be an exceedingly good system.”

He also hit back at claims that the plans were partisan, arguing that whilst Labour’s seats were some of the smallest they would not entirely disappear and instead Conservative and Liberal Democrat seats would be reduced in size.

Mr Heath said: “At present there is a huge chasm between the smallest and largest constituencies in terms of the electorate. The Somerton and Frome constituency has an electorate of 82,000, yet there are constituencies of 50,000 and even 30,000. I do not see that as fair which is why I am proposing to change the status quo.”

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