Friday, February 18, 2011
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Local MP David Heath has welcomed common-sense decisions to settle worries about individuals clearing snow during the bad weather.

Following-on from reassurance given to householders that they would not be held legally responsible if anyone slipped on pavement or roads they had cleared of snow, now HM Revenue and Customs have told farmers that there is no question of them being prosecuted if they use farm vehicles filled with red diesel for snow clearing. There had been concerns that such use would be illegal as it is not strictly agricultural work to  which red diesel is limited by law.

The concession came after Mr Heath as Deputy Leader of the House passed on concerns from worried backbenchers raised at the weekly business questions session in the House of Commons.

Mr Heath said

“I am delighted that the taxman is behaving sensibly, and clearing up a question which I know worried many farmers. If they are public-spirited enough to help their local community with clearing snow, they shouldn’t run the risk of being prosecuted as a consequence. It’s a question which went unanswered when I and others raised it last year. Now we have a government which better understands what happens in rural areas and is able to exercise a bit of common sense.”


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