Saturday, March 24, 2012
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Village Tour 2011

David Heath MP’s Village Tour 2011

David Heath MP’s village tour will take in a total 107 stops at villages large and small across his Somerton and Frome constituency. At each stop there will be an opportunity to talk to David about issues of concern.

This tour is in addition to David’s regular programme of advice surgeries in the main towns.

Monday 25th July
10.00  Galhampton   triangle in middle of village
10.30  Yarlington   at the Stags Head
11.00  North Cadbury   by village shop
11.30  South Cadbury   at The Camelot
12.00  Sutton Montis   by village hall
12.25  Corton Denham   car park by village hall/church
12.50  Rimpton    by the phone box
13.15  Marston Magna   village hall car park
13.40  Weston Bampfylde  by church
14.00  Sparkford   by village hall
15.00  Queen Camel   by village hall
15.30  West Camel   at the Davis Hall
16.00  Babcary    at the bus shelter
16.30  South Barrow   by church
16.50  North Barrow   by village hall
17.20  Lovington   at the Pilgrim’s Rest
17.40  Alford    by phone box

Tuesday 26th July
09.30  Kilmersdon   by village hall
10.00  Holcombe   by crossroads
10.30  Leigh upon Mendip  by village hall
11.00  Stoke St Michael  Millennium Green
11.30  Doulting   by playpark
12.00  Cranmore   by village hall
12.30  Batcombe   by church
13.00  Upton Noble   village hall car park
13.30  Wanstrow   by village hall
14.00  Nunney    near shop
14.30  Trudoxhill   by White Hart
15.00  Witham Friary   by church

Wednesday 27th July
10.45  Ash    parish car park
11.10  Coat    by phone box
11.25  Bower Hinton   by the village shop
11.50  Long Load   by the village hall
13.15  Drayton    by the post box
13.40  Curry Rivel   by church
14.00  Fivehead   the new village hall
14.30  Curry Mallet   by post office
14.50  Beercrocombe   by bus shelter
15.10  Isle Abbotts   by church
15.40  Ilton    near the Wyndham Arms
16.10  Isle Brewers   by parish notice board

Thursday 28th July
10.00  South Brewham   by village hall
10.30  Pitcombe   under the arches
11.00  Shepton Montague  near Montague Inn
11.30  Bratton Seymour   by notice board
11.55  Charlton Musgrove  by church
12.25  Stoke Trister   at the triangle
12.55  Cucklington   by church
13.25  Pen Selwood   by village hall

Monday 1st August
10.00  Aller    the village hall car park
10.30  High Ham   village green
11.00  Low Ham    near church
11.30  Pitney    village hall
12.00  Long Sutton   village green
12.30  Muchelney   by post box
13.00  Kingsbury Episcopi  by post box
15.00  Stocklinch   by village hall
15.30  Puckington   by old school
15.50  Westport   by The Barn Owl
16.10  Hambridge   by village hall
16.30  Barrington   by church

Tuesday 2nd August
10.00  Milborne Port   by town hall
10.30  Henstridge   by village hall
11.00  Templecombe   car park by railway bridge
11.30  Horsington   by Half Moon
12.00  Stowell    by phone box
12.30  Charlton Horethorne  the green
13.00  South Cheriton   by phone box
13.30  North Cheriton   by village hall
14.30  Maperton   at the junction in village
14.50  Holton    by Old Inn
15.15  Blackford   outside the reading room
15.35  Compton Pauncefoot  by church

Wednesday 3rd August
09.30  Pylle    by the church
09.50  East Pennard   by the church
10.10  West Pennard   by the church
10.30  Parbrook   by noticeboard
10.50  Baltonsborough   by village hall
11.20  Butleigh   the green by village shop/post office
11.50  Compton Dundon   village hall car park
12.15  Barton St. David  by village hall
12.35  Keinton Mandeville  by school
13.05  Charlton Mackrell  near reading room
13.25  Kingsdon   near school
13.50  Charlton Adam   village shop
14.30  Lydford-on-Fosse  outside the Cross Keys Inn
14.50  West Lydford   outside the church
15.10  Hornblotton   by village hall
15.30  Ditcheat   by village hall
15.50  Alhampton   by phone box
16.15  Lamyatt    near bus shelter
16.35  Milton Clevedon   near garage
16.55  Evercreech   by the village hall

Thursday 4th August
09.30  Hemington   by school
09.50  Faulkland   village green
10.10  Norton St Philip  green outside church
10.40  Farleigh Hungerford  by parish room
11.10  Rode    village green
11.30  Rudge    by Full Moon
11.50  Beckington   by Memorial Hall
12.20  Lullington   by the village pump
12.50  Buckland Dinham   by church
13.10  Great Elm   by church
13.30  Mells    near Talbot Inn
14.30  Vobster    near Vobster Inn
14.50  Coleford   in village car park
15.30  Chantry & Whatley  by Chantry church

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