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David Heath calls for strong leadership against climate change

David Heath yesterday called on Parliament to adopt a Liberal Democrat motion to support the 10:10 campaign.

The campaign sought to mandate the government to propose cuts of 10% in carbon emissions at the Copenhagen summit.

A recent report by Kofi Annan, the President of the Global Humanitarian Forum, has found that "300,000 deaths a year are attributable to climate change; that 325 million people are seriously affected at a cost to the global economy of $125 billion a year; and that 4 billion people are vulnerable to climate impacts."

Speaking in the debate Mr Heath called on Labour backbenchers to support the motion. Mr Heath said: " I hope that Labour backbenchers will be prepared to take a risk tonight and come into the lobby with us to insist that that should be the case.

"We generally have a consensus in this country, not just between the political parties but with big business. We have a huge opportunity, and we can do so much more if we shut off the poverty of aspiration that still bedevils us and grasp the fact that doing the right thing is not only right environmentally but right economically."

226 Supported the motion, along with David Heath, however 297 MPs stood against the motion.

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David Heath raises police cuts in Parliament

David Heath spoke out today against Somerset County Council Conservatives' plans to cut the budget of Police Community Support Officers.

It was announced that the Conservative-run council will cut a quarter the councilís budget PCSOs. The cut of £129,000 would pay for four PCSOs.

Mr Heath, who previously served as Leader of the Council and as Chairman of Avon and Somerset Police Authority, said that he could not believe that it is right to cut front-line policing. He asked Harriet Harman for a debate on the issue at Business Questions this morning.

Mr Heath said: "I am appalled with this decision. With the recent announcement that the Labour government is cutting back Magistrates Courts in rural areas, this cut to PCSOs budget is a foolish move from the Conservatives. No one wants to feel as though they live in a lawless community or indeed one where support is not readily available should they need it. "

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