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Democratic reform survey of young people

David Heath says: "I think it is one of the worst features of our modern political system that politicians are failing to communicate properly with young people.

"I know that many people, particularly the young, feel that the people who run the country are totally out of touch with the people who live in it and feel that politics has nothing to offer them.

"I am committed to increasing the level of democratic participation, particularly among young people. I realise, however, that any policies are irrelevant if we don't consult with young people about them.

"I have, therefore, produced the survey of six questions (below) relating to some of the aspects of changing the political system that some people feel most strongly about. I would be extremely grateful if you could take a minute or two to complete the survey."

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1. Do you think
young people are
disconnected from
the political process?
2. If you think
young people are
disconnected from
the political process,
what do you think
can be done to
get them
more involved?
3. Do you think
the voting age
should be lowered
to 16? Would
you have voted
when you were 16?
4. Do you think
politicians are out
of touch with
young people in
this country?
Do you think politics
has anything to offer
young people?
5. Do you
understand the
electoral system
used in British
general elections?
Would you like
to see an alternative
voting system,
such as fair
votes, used?

6. Do you think
that the House
of Lords should
be reformed and
its members elected?


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