David Heath MP, Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament for Somerton and Frome
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Constituency office: 14 Catherine Hill, Frome, Somerset, BA11 1BZ. Tel: 01373 473618
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David Heath reports back

David Heath is recognised as one of the most active and effective MPs in parliament. Here he reports back on some of the campaigns he's led locally over the last four years.

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Thousands back pensions protest
A massive petition helped to persuade Chancellor Gordon Brown to improve state pensions after last year's 75p rise was described by local MP David Heath as "an insult to pensioners".

David Heath MP shows what a pension increase should have bought"Thousands of signatures collected locally were handed in to 11 Downing Street by Mr Heath. "Gordon Brown has backed down and given pensioners a small improvement but I hope it won't be a one-off gesture before the election," said Mr Heath,
pictured right showing what a pension increase should have bought.

Meanwhile, Mr Heath scored two other successes: ministers agreed to pay £10,000
to Far-East PoWs, and to change the rules for war widows.

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David Heath MP and Charles Kennedy Listening to you on health services
The biggest ever survey carried out by David Heath to find out what you think about local NHS services showed just how much people were concerned about health issues.

Most value the work of local doctors, nurses and other health professionals but were concerned about whether the NHS was being given the funds to cope.

David Heath, pictured with Liberal Democrats leader Charles Kennedy, has taken up those concerns directly with ministers. He called for more NHS dentists, better support for local hospitals, higher nurse and doctor recruitment, and reduced waiting times.

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Fairer deal for Somerset schools
The campaign to get better funding for schools in Somerset continues. David Heath has led calls in Parliament for a fairer deal for our children when school funds are distributed.

David Heath MP visits a local playgroup"We've had a lot of talk, and some improvement, but I still won't accept a system that funds schools in a leafy London suburb at £1,500 per child per year more than our schools in Somerset,"
said Mr Heath.

Meanwhile, Mr Heath has been campaigning for more money to rebuild old school buildings and replace some of the 800 "temporary" huts in Somerset schools.

David Heath says: "We know the Conservatives underfunded our schools for years. Now we're still waiting for a Labour government to deliver. When will our children get a fairer deal?"

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